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Annapolis, Maryland
Finding a solution for every need.

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Annapolis, Maryland

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Unique financing solutions
for compelling clients.

As a specialty lender, South River Capital specializes in bridge loans, niche real estate loans, and business loans



Expert financing backs
everything we do.

From the beginning of underwriting to the decision, our expert lenders
work hard to come up with creative and unique solutions to fit any need


Finding a solution for every need.

Real Estate Loans

We specialize in providing specialty financing options on residential and commercial real estate

Bridge Loans

Sometimes there is a need for a short-term loan to help carry a business from point A to point B. South River Capital is there for that.

Business Loans

As commercial lenders, South River Capital is well-versed in the underwriting of business loans

What We Do

We offer financing to customers whose needs are between $50,000 and $10,000,000. As experts within the industry, we are able to build loans with terms that match the needs of our clients

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Our Clients

Our clients tend to be business owners, real estate experts, and others who require transitional financing. Sometimes they have been turned down for a bank loan based on their track record, credit history, the uniqueness of their request, or even the timing of the loan.

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Solving every financial need.

No need is too complex for South River Capital’s lending experts to handle. 

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South River Capital has helped to us reach new heights through its specialty financing options

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